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  1. Agriya launches an outstanding android application – SpotNow


    Many people are visiting India for several purposes like business meetings, educations, experience various cultures. They are having a hard time in finding the exact places while staying in India. On the flip side, many Indian people are also finding it difficult for identifying the various spots outside their hometown. What if they all have a handy travel guide for discovering the spots of the Indian cities? Well, Agriya foresees the needs of these people, examined this situation and came up with one exceptional Android application-SpotNow. It helps them in exploring the various locations of Indian cities easily. Let’s take a tour of this lively app. Your travel companion for Indian cities SpotNow is an interactive application, which quickly navigates Continue Reading…

  2. Agriya Infographic

    Agriya on July 18th, 2014

    Agriya, a discernible and leading company has commenced its operation in the year 2000 with an ultimate aim to serve the clients with utmost dedication and as per their specific demands. Since its establishment, Agriya have been serving a huge number of clients and gained their appreciation and trust. The reason behind our enormous and successful growth is our loyalty, employee’s commitment and strict adherence to meet the deadlines within a limited time span. We are widely recognized as one of the foremost company that always help its clients not only to start an online business but also to improve and extent their business. As our clients know, we are trustworthy they reach us to setup and develop their online Continue Reading…

  3. Agriya launches a quicker and versatile contest software-360Contest


    Be ready to experience one such extraordinary innovation, which is never ever imagined before by anyone in this world. It is a phenomenal invention of Agriya, which has solutions for all the unseen challenges of the contest industry. Combing all these solutions with our revolutionary ideas, we are launching an exceptional contest software - 360Contest. Let’s go ahead and experience the richness of this lively software. Easily create any kind of contest website in 48 hours Be the center of attraction in the online world by creating any kind of contest website with the latest crowdsourcing contest software- 360Contest. This software will provide you all the necessary options to operate the website smoothly. Explore some of exceptional verticals for using this Continue Reading…

  4. Agriya offers FLAT 20% discount for its Booking and Rental Software


    Just Imagine! You have an extremely good choice to build any kind of booking and rental online website by utilizing a peerless ready-made software at a modest price; well that itself is a great deal. And, what if it is available with a spice of 20% flat discount?? Yes, Now Agriya has come forward to leave you unsurpassed, by providing an “Introductory offer” on a quintessential script, “BookorRent” that effectively meets the modern world’s booking requirements with excellence. We provide this exclusive offer wholeheartedly, by keenly understanding your desires to reach the highest level with less cost. Discover this wonderful offer with Agriya and indulge yourself to start a remarkable business online!!! Complete solution for all your booking and rental needs Continue Reading…

  5. Create a Travel Booking Website using BookorRent


    In Booking and Rental field, Agriya has brought a revolution by introducing a powerful Booking Software, which efficiently meets the demands of travel booking!! The users quest for Booking or rental for traveling will comes to an end with the dynamic script called “BookorRent”. Agriya’s Breakthrough Innovations Agriya’s commitment has always been discovering sustainable and imaginative solutions to any demands in the online industry. After a thorough analysis, we recognized that there is a need for an effective script that provides total solutions for all travel booking requirements. This has enabled has to launch “BookorRent” script, an artistic platform that helps to create an impressive website by combines two huge concepts Book and Rent in one platform. Incredible Features of Continue Reading…

  6. Agriya is a registered trademark in USPTO

    Agriya on May 28th, 2014
    Agriya trademark

    Agriya is now Agriya® Agriya is a symbol for rising beyond the horizon and presenting new innovation in the clone script industry. We are very delighted to announce that we have also obtained a symbol of trademark from the USPTO for the term–“Agriya”. We have registered this trademark on 6th May 2014. Agriya is a Sanskrit word which means First and the Best in English. We now have the rights to raise any kind of legal action for the below-mentioned issues. Using any kind of brand name or product name which sounds or spells like “Agriya” Third-party websites who don’t secure the usage of the term-“Agriya” Usage of the word Agriya in any unhealthy way Usage of the term Agriya in any Continue Reading…

  7. Agriya launches a multipurpose Booking and Rental software-BookorRent

    blog banner

    You are about to witness the most exceptional innovation, which is all set to transform the atmosphere of the online world. This invention is done by Agriya. Let’s put our foot forward and start exploring it. Eyeing the vision of various startups and entrepreneurs, Agriya is launching a unique software which combines two diversified concepts Book and Rent in one platform-BookOrRent. Explore BookorRent In A Nutshell BookorRent is a multipurpose booking and rental software, which is exclusively tailored to create a booking website for courses, events, travel, activities, advertising, accommodation, food, appointments, beverage, service professionals, etc. It can also assist you to develop a rental website for automobiles, tools, events, electronics, leisure, luxury, clothing, home, vacation rentals, etc. It will provide various Continue Reading…

  8. Why Allen chooses Agriya’s 360Contest for his contest website?

    Inventing solutions of problems and crossing the hurdles of difficulties is not a piece of cake. But some entrepreneurs think out of the box and create a business out of it. Allen is one amongst them. He understands the problems faced by entrepreneurs and skilled freelancers around the world. He discovers that a crowdsourcing based contest marketplace has a potential to solve the issues and create a win–win situation for both of them. He explores the ways of creating a dynamic contest marketplace which can host video, design and text contest in one website. He finds that Agriya’s 360Contest can serve all his needs. He comes to know about the features, revenue options and the versatile ability of the script Continue Reading…

  9. Agriya moves FPPlatform Ultra to an exclusive archive

    FPPlatform Ultra

    Moving towards the new generation of clone scripts, Agriya has decided to archive FPPlatform Ultra. This script was known for its extraordinary features and revenue models. We have incorporated all the features of this script in our new generation Fiverr clone script-FPPlatform v2.0 as modules. You can just opt these modules and add these smart features on your website. Besides the features of FPPlatform Ultra, the new Fiverr clone script-FPPlatform v2.0 has creative grid style designs which are all set to give a great user-friendly experience to your users. It also has a new mechanism which is never seen before in any Fiverr clone website. How can you get FPPlatform Ultra? If you wish to utilize FPPlatform Ultra for your Continue Reading…

  10. Agriya releases the new Fiverr clone script – FPPlatform

    Fiverr clone

    Agriya launches the Next big thing in the marketplace industry. It goes beyond the boundary of innovations to provide you a new mechanism for running a website like Fiverr. It has a great style quotient and is dynamic in every way possible. It is none other than Agriya’s Fixed Price Platform - FPPlatform. It is a new Fiverr clone script which assists you to create a micro-job website like Fiverr. You can fix any price limit in your website or have the combination of them as well. Introducing the innovative request option FPPlatform is unique in every way. It has got a new mechanism which is never seen before in a website like Fiverr. Now your users can post a microjob Continue Reading…