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  1. Agriya moves FPPlatform Ultra to an exclusive archive

    FPPlatform Ultra

    Moving towards the new generation of clone scripts, Agriya has decided to archive FPPlatform Ultra. This script was known for its extraordinary features and revenue models. We have incorporated all the features of this script in our new generation Fiverr clone script-FPPlatform v2.0 as modules. You can just opt these modules and add these smart features on your website. Besides the features of FPPlatform Ultra, the new Fiverr clone script-FPPlatform v2.0 has creative grid style designs which are all set to give a great user-friendly experience to your users. It also has a new mechanism which is never seen before in any Fiverr clone website. How can you get FPPlatform Ultra? If you wish to utilize FPPlatform Ultra for your Continue Reading…

  2. Agriya releases the new Fiverr clone script – FPPlatform

    Fiverr clone

    Agriya launches the Next big thing in the marketplace industry. It goes beyond the boundary of innovations to provide you a new mechanism for running a website like Fiverr. It has a great style quotient and is dynamic in every way possible. It is none other than Agriya’s Fixed Price Platform - FPPlatform. It is a new Fiverr clone script which assists you to create a micro-job website like Fiverr. You can fix any price limit in your website or have the combination of them as well. Introducing the innovative request option FPPlatform is unique in every way. It has got a new mechanism which is never seen before in a website like Fiverr. Now your users can post a microjob Continue Reading…

  3. Why Mike chooses Agriya’s Getlancer for his project?

    Achievers and dreamers have the passion to change the world. They break the wall of difficulties and create a win-win situation. They use this to their advantage and generate revenue from it. Mike is one of these kinds of entrepreneurs. He identifies the major issues of freelancers and employers for his region. He searches for the solution and finds that freelancing market as a great potential to power the future. He started exploring ways to create a freelancing website. In this process, he finds Agriya’s Getlancer. He shares the advantages, revenue options, modules and some features he got from Agriya’s Freelancer clone script. Have a look at it. Final Word Getlancer is a ready-made solution for entrepreneurs like Mike. It Continue Reading…

  4. How BuySell adds life to Paul’s new online venture?

    Agriya on April 17th, 2014

    Seizing opportunities are one of the skills of a smart entrepreneur. Paul, a business magnet from New York has mastered this skill. He has a strong network of businessmen. He happens to meet his two friends–Nancy and Peter. Nancy is a proud owner of a fashion shop. She has many collections and few sales. On the flip side, Peter’s electronic shop has more sales. He wants to increase his sales beyond the markets of New York. He eyes an opportunity to create an online marketplace website. Let’ see how Paul climbed the ladder of success by using BuySell as a platform for his venture. BuySell is one productive platform which helps any entrepreneur like Paul to establish his version of Continue Reading…

  5. How Marketplace-Quote helped Charlie to launch his dream project?

    Agriya on April 11th, 2014

    Charlie is a famous event organizer in Los Angeles, California. He also provides various kinds of service professionals for local services like housekeeping, organizers, etc. He used social media websites and classifieds to promote his services. Various citizens of California approached him for his services. He exceeded their expectations and provided top-notch services. He was achieving new heights of success daily. He wanted to take his business to a new level. He wanted to expand his venture, so he approaches Agriya for “Marketplace-Quote” Have a look at his entire story right away. Charlie got various advantages from Marketplace-Quote. He was able to launch a full-fledged website quickly. The script has ready-made designs and codes, which helped Charlie to save a Continue Reading…

  6. Clone scripts for popular websites

    Websites Clone

    People are running behind the possible ways to earn income out of any business strategy in order to compete and sustain in the ongoing world. Among the several successful strategy, ready-made scripts are the emerging and most beneficial business approach which gains more popularity and infinite success rate among the growing entrepreneurial phase. Let’s have a look on some popular website clones which conquered the online business world as follows.   Groupdeal – Groupon Clone An exclusive daily deal software works based on the collective funding strategy. Merchants can list their products or services to the      user’s view. So the users can avail their preferred products with an amicable discounted price through the group buying strategy. For every Continue Reading…

  7. Benefits of Java

    Agriya on March 19th, 2014
    Benefits of Java

    In this advanced world, there are numerous programming languages are there to efficiently build a web application in such a way it attains an optimized reach among their targeted marketplace. Among the several successful languages, Java is considered to be the best in the programming language which plays a crucial role in web and mobile application development effectively. Let’s have a look around some of the basic features and flexible benefits of this exclusive platform as follows. Object-oriented In this platform, every piece of code can be accessed and managed by an entity which is nothing but an object. So the users can easily access the codes to any point of the modules conveniently as it controlled by an entity. Continue Reading…

  8. Tips to Start Web Development Company – Infography

    Agriya is a multi-talented web development company having capability to develop any kind of web application dynamically.  With their expertise in web development and immense experience, they analyze and share about the exclusive tips to start a web development firm successfully through the following infography. Tips to start web development company from Agriya

  9. Agriya places Kootali and Rayzz in a secure archive

    Archive Products

    Innovation is the powerhouse of web development. Agriya’s Kootali and Rayzz have proved this to the online industry. Even though we gained a lot of popularity for these scripts, we have decided to archive these products. Why we made such a huge decisions? We would like to share it with you. Let’s cruise through these products. Glimpse of Kootali Kootali is a ready-made script, which can create a wonderful Facebook clone website for any kind of niche in the world. It has earned a lot of fame in online world. This script was featured in Forbes. It is a best way to take social media community to the next level. Overview of Rayzz Rayzz is a multipurpose video sharing script, Continue Reading…

  10. How to clone a website?

    Agriya on February 26th, 2014

    There is always best to take up more than one source to enumerate our choice effectively. This exceptional practice highly avoids the people to get blocked over a specified product, services etc. Moreover it greatly distributes the economy of the market to several successful entrepreneurs. So come and get such an exclusive beneficiaries out of several successful streams of business through clone script strategy. Be clear with your idea Then analyze and investigate the best things from the websites which is conceptually similar approach. So this provides you a clear picture about how your website flow should be, where it can be improved and what has to be integrated with the website in order to perform effectively. Web masters should Continue Reading…