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  1. Lean UX vs Agile UX: A shift in the working methodology

    Lean UX vs Agile UX

    Themes, terms, and techniques keep on changing drastically in the website development methodology. UX, Hamburger Menu, Parallex scrolling, and many more instances can be traced out to validate the point. These acronyms coupled with buzz words, strongly indicate the change in trends according to the passing of time. For avoiding the circumstance of being a mere cog in the wheel of ever changing technologies every custom web development company practices new working patterns in order to meet the demands of clients, and stay alive in the world of stiff competition. Agile UX and Lean UX are terms that hold a solid relation to one another when it comes to website development. Both these terms are directly linked with the work Continue Reading…

  2. Agriya introduces value-added skill test module to its everlasting Freelancer clone script-Getlancer Bidding

    skill test module

    As many freelancers are struggling hard to withstand at their initial stages of the freelancing career. On the other side, the employers also find it difficult to choose a freelancer based on their previous works alone. This hindrance drops the success of any freelancing bidding businesses in the international market. That being the case, Agriya, the remarkable Web and clone script development company in India, come forward with an instant module for its Freelancer clone script. It’s none other than the skill testing module. Now, let’s get to know about the significance of integrating this module into your freelancing bidding website. Importance of skill test: For Freelancer, Employers and Website owner When we talk about the importance of skill test, Continue Reading…

  3. Choosing right revenue model for successful running of service marketplace website

    revenue models

    While the product-based e-commerce, taxi-booking, food sectors and others have seen their share of success in the online world, it is now the time for home service marketplace websites to capture the imagination of aspiring tech entrepreneurs and investors. So how different are the service marketplace websites from that of product-based e-commerce platforms? Simple!! While the product-based e-commerce platforms sell tangible products, the service marketplaces sell services by connecting the service seeker and service providing professional in their own locality or city. The people who are in want of a service can hire the service professionals who have registered on the marketplace. They deliver the services at the door steps of service seekers. A wide range of categories is added Continue Reading…

  4. Agriya announces a splendid Extended deal 2016

    clone script discount

    Agriya’s long career as a prominent web development company in India is marked by several number of price slashes relating to various terms encompassing customer requests, and festival seasons. In the final days of the first month of 2016, starting from 25th January onward, Agriya gifts customers with a stunning opportunity to gain a 20% off on products, modules and mobile applications, as a part of its Exclusive deal 2016. The deal will be valid till January 29th 2016, under the applicable terms, and conditions. Why to grab this deal at the earliest? Agriya offers a wide range of products, modules, as well as mobile applications that deal with distinct domains including Crowdfunding, freelancing, Travel, and entertainment, in general. Here Continue Reading…

  5. Freelancing platforms are becoming the main source of job for techies in 2016

    Freelance platform

    Freelancing is becoming more sensational as today’s techies are choosing independence over full-time employment. There are thousands of fields where the freelancing has a great scope and helps versatile techies to attain success in the coming years effortlessly. In most of the developed countries, freelancing is the major workforce when compared to traditional 9-5 working style. And numerous developing countries’ techies are coming forward to adopt that working style in order to be independent. With these solid proofs, we get into why freelancing emerges and how it becomes the main source of the job for techies in 2016. Why is Freelancing platform the main source of jobs? In recent years, there are some fluctuations among the techies whether to work Continue Reading…

  6. The rise of peer to peer lending market place

    peer to peer lending script

    P2P, the nickname of peer to peer lending, as a business activity is getting a wide acclaim in the realm of the open market place. In the beginning, people were not willing to accept the reliability of these kinds of lending business that come outside the direct authority of banks, even though there are certain written rules and regulations for all who do this lending activity should follow. With the development of powerful peer to peer lending software which is capable of controlling all deeds related to peer to peer lending effectively, entrepreneurs these days show an added amount of interest in crowdfunding. It brings various advantages to the business persons in many levels. The rise of peer to peer Continue Reading…

  7. Uber’s new strategy to focus more on Indian & Asian market: What it says to entrepreneurs?

    Agriya on January 18th, 2016
    uber clone script

    Being the USA based taxi hailing online business-Uber, avails a potential way to connect the drivers with the commoners for the city ride efficiently. This exclusive business model broadly spread across many other developing and developed countries as well. In a meanwhile, they have entered into the Asian market. In order to deal with the competition prevailing in that market, Uber built a unique brand image by introducing an exclusive and suitable strategy. We shall get to know about its new strategies, how it helps to focus on the Asian market and what it intimate the aspiring entrepreneurs in our Indian market. Uber-A success hit business Uber is thriving business model of availing private drivers to the one who want Continue Reading…

  8. 5 Brainy tactics for running a successful video contest online

    video contest script

    There is no dearth of innovative ideas, and concepts in this live world of technology. The scope of brand new ideas that have a huge possibility of development is also unlimited. Contest template, is such an advanced concept which helps entrepreneurs to frame contest websites concerning to various niches such as videos, audios, design, and even text. A contest video website created by using a refined video contest software should encompass many merits, and that advantages should enable users to run a video contest online very effectively. Keeping in terms with the revenue options, the web masters should plan the running of video contests in a purposeful way. Here are some tips to run a successful video contest online. Make Continue Reading…

  9. Service Marketplace Basics – Importance of Geo-location based service listing & quoting

    The online medium evolved a new changeover in the service sector by giving out a new way of availing services to the consumers in a more sophisticated manner. The establishment of service marketplace with this drastic transition seems to be most needed in this fast growing world. In keeping with the advancement, many business opportunities also spring up in this industry. Today’s entrepreneurs are keen in kick starting an online business in this industry. But most of them are failing to remember the basics of running a service marketplace efficiently. Agriya developed an interesting Thumbtack clone script – Getlancer Quote to the online world. This script incorporates a rich set of outstanding amenities for your service marketplace business eminently. In Continue Reading…

  10. Agriya develops a user-friendly Uber clone app script for Android and iPhone devices – Taxi Pickr

    uber clone script

    Uber-like app business is the most competing value proposition business models with a worthy success opportunity for the budding entrepreneurs across the world. With this exclusive business model success in mind, Agriya launched a unique ready-made Uber clone app script – TaxiPickr app to the digital world. It is specially created for both iPhone and Android devices. Let’s see how this app script is helpful for the potential entrepreneurs to succeed quickly in this taxi booking industry. Commence an everlasting taxi booking app impeccably The lately introduced instant app script from Agriya helps to make an online taxi booking application on iPhone or Android devices within minutes. We assist you in turning yourself as a successful businessman in this competitive Continue Reading…