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  1. How to create a service marketplace website like Thumbtack or Taskrabbit?

    We live in a scenario where there are high expectations to resolve the needs and the wants of each one of us in the most timely and quality-efficient way possible. This has provoked a distinct change in how every business out there works, especially the service sector. They have moved to the online platform to offer better service to the consumers in a quick turnaround time. But to enhance the consumer-supplier relationship and to bring them as close as possible, a peer-to-peer online service marketplace was required and created. It cleared many roadblocks and helped the consumers reached their desired service providers directly and reduced the gap between them. Thumbtack and TaskRabbit are established leaders who have a very successful Continue Reading…

  2. Basics of Creating a Successful Taxi Booking App

    creating taxi booking app

    The car rental space is rapidly flourishing for the past two years. One of the key reasons behind this sublime growth of taxi industry is “Uber”, which has achieved a phenomenal success by providing easy travel solutions at affordable rates. Taking this into consideration, the other transportation networks want to take a leaf out of Uber’s incredibly successful book. In addition to the above factors, many entrepreneurs are hankering to construct their own taxi booking app as the mobile technology & smartphones are sovereign in the market. However, this article incorporates the basics to build taxi booking app to help such entrepreneurs. Business Model If you’re  choosing a ready-made uber clone script to develop taxi booking app, then do a Continue Reading…

  3. Strategic business model of Uber: How to implement it for your new taxi booking app?

    taxi booking script

    Anyone can immensely see the exclusive growth year by year in the taxi industry since the existence of Uber-like business model. It’s been there the most successful industry where the people receive easy and safe city rides in minutes. The tactic used in is incredible as users can directly book the desired cars through their smartphones instantly. This ultimately brings in more business which in turn helps to excel in the taxi booking app business. This post is specially written for those who are looking to put this Uber business model into practice and spring up their own fresh taxi booking application immediately. Standpoint is must To become successful in this taxi industry, build up your own online cab booking Continue Reading…

  4. Solving chicken and egg problem in a startup online marketplace

    marketplace script

    Your business can only make a head-start only when you have producers and consumers. Such is your online business of starting a marketplace website? Then it is indeed challenging. What use in having producers alone registering on your site when there are no consumers? At the first place, will producers show an inclination towards your marketplace platform when there aren’t any consumers? Alongside, what use in a handful of customers registering on your site in anticipation of many producers selling their products only to find less or no producers selling on your site. These two cases are technically termed as chicken and egg problem.  Success in running a marketplace website will not come if you do not overcome the chicken Continue Reading…

  5. An extensive view regarding the future of freelance job listing platforms

    freelancer script

    The working environment is kept on turning with the enhancement of technology and with the minds of today’s working generation. The digital marketplace is becoming the latest trend in this highly competitive business atmosphere. Along the same lines, the freelancing job listing is the ubiquitous platform that helps the troop of talents from various professions and the employers to achieve what they desire in just a short duration. Future of freelancing job listing platform: Its top secret aspects of success The big time is there out of using the freelancing job listing platforms either for the professionals to listing their talents or the employers look for the right professional freelancers of their own effectively. Here we go again to trace Continue Reading…

  6. Agriya releases its latest BookorRent upgraded version v1.0b3

    Booking and Rental software

    Agriya always comes up with exceptional improvements for all its readily available clone script products. This time, we are releasing our latest upgraded version of our remarkable product – BookorRent. This v1.0b3 version update will surely reduce the setbacks available in your booking and rental platform immediately. In this post, let’s see through all the enhancements that are embedded and its importance in the script right away. Influence of seating plug-in in Booking & Rental platform The power of having this seating plug-in to your booking and rental platform assist both users and host immensely. The website host can now get a power in fixing up the pricing strategy for their shows’ seating arrangements. The host can run their shows Continue Reading…

  7. New generation taxi booking apps: How it changed the taxi industry?

    taxi booking script

    The easiness in travelling around the city completely depends on how easy it is in booking a taxi. Those days, the infrastructure is very poor in the taxi booking industry. It was just acting as a bridge in connecting the passengers and the taxi drivers. There arises a big gap in getting a taxi for the instant city ride. Lack of technology also creates an obstacle in gratifying every individual need in this industry. The latest app technology has shaken up the taxi industry to the greater extent. Hailing the taxi is extremely easy with the evolution of latest technologies in this everlasting taxi booking business model. The app technology using smartphones gives a new face to this taxi industry. Continue Reading…

  8. Agriya Declares February Flash Sale – Get a Flat 30% off on its Mobile App Scripts

    mobile app script discount

    Agriya, the pioneer among web development companies in India is offering an aggressive February flash sale 2016 for some of their outstanding mobile applications namely, crowdfunding, Getlancer, Burrow, Burblr, and Taxi pickr. This flash sale gifts customer an open chance to buy these mobile applications at a discounted rate of 30% off. The flash sale begins from Feb 23rd 2016, and will be concluded on 25th Feb within a time duration of 3 days. The coupon code for availing the relevant flash sale is MAPPS30. Why should you try out the mobile app scripts? Agriya’s fame mainly remains in the creation of finest clone scripts, and mobile applications that cater the needs of clients all over the world. Mobile applications, Continue Reading…

  9. 7 Notable tools for making a Crowdfunding campaign extremely functional

    crowdfunding clone

    Crowdfunding as a business entity is getting promoted with the support of multiple business models. For highlighting a crowdfunding campaign to the level of success it deserves, webmasters should be aware of the working of certain comprehensive tools. The reach of your campaign will be extensive, if you make use of the finest crowdfunding tool. Here let us analyze the titles of some prominent crowdfunding tools available in the market. Some tools are freely available, and many other versions are paid ones. Here let us detail the working of free tools together with some of the the paid tools that help users to run crowdfunding campaigns successfully. Backerkit Keeping your communication alive with the customers with the aid of e-mail, Continue Reading…

  10. The Dream Run of Android from version 1.0 to 6.0.1

    android application developers

    Way back in 2003, Google showed interest in the innovative concepts promoted by a small collaboration of professionals working at Android, Inc, and grabbed it under the control of their business spectrum in 2005 for $50 million. It was a golden moment marked in yellow lines on the pages of history, and there started the triumph of an operating system which turned heads, and touched the minds of millions of users. First mobile operating system on Android platform was launched in 2008, and from that moment to the one leading to the present, this operating system witnessed many modifications by offering plenty of chances to various organizations as well as android application developers to earn revenue. Here, let us put Continue Reading…