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  1. 7 Best JavaScript Frameworks for 2015


    JavaScript framework is the latest buzz word among the today’s web development companies and web developers for creating their web application with less effort. There are numerous JavaScript frameworks, each one has its own significance in developing an excellent web application. All you need is a proven and high-end JavaScript framework which suits your web application. Today, we shall discuss 7 best JavaScript frameworks for 2015 starting from its existence, benefits, way of working and till kinds of projects which highly suits well. AngularJS Being the old framework released in 2009, AngularJS is the best ever JavaScript framework which is highly suitable for any kinds of the web application. Its prominence gained the traction among the millions of creative developers’ Continue Reading…

  2. Pros and Cons of most Favoured PHP Frameworks


    PHP is far superior to the usual client- side scripting languages. By upholding a server-side scripting platform with embedded HTML codes, PHP has every merit that web developers search for. Today a PHP developers gets a handful of established frameworks to work with, and programmers can freely choose the right framework according to the task they execute. Every PHP framework has its own merits as well as drawbacks. This article attempts to figure out the pros and cons of five most popular PHP frameworks. Laravel Laravel was introduced to the web world just four years ago, and within a short time span it captured the attention of programmers all over the world for its extreme refinement. Pros It uses a Continue Reading…

  3. BookorRent- An easy way to build a flexible booking and rental platform

    booking and rental software

    People are willing to utilize the resources like the extra space, properties, luxury items, any kinds of tools and equipment to avoid rarely-used products becoming obsolete. This kind of exploitation is the cornerstone for the nurturing high-demand “sharing economy”. These days, there are plentiful business chances with this so-called collaborative economy available across the world. Nowadays, people also started looking for a suitable online platform for booking and renting all kinds of products and services. As an opportunistic entrepreneur, are you aspired to make a headway into this collaborative economy by establishing an interesting booking and rental website? Agriya helps you out in bringing life to your online business with this collaborative economy. In this post, let’s explore what are Continue Reading…

  4. A single Crowdfunding Platform for launching your multipurpose crowdfunding website

    crowdfunding platform

    Crowdfunding has a strong success track-record across the global market with the emergence of numerous victorious entrepreneurs. It made the radical changeover in getting financing for starting up the business. This fundraising concept also helps the budding entrepreneurs in validating their business ideas well in advance. Kickstarter is the consistent market player, doing wonders in this fundraising industry and running a profitable business. Agriya, the trusted business partner of entrepreneurs, brings an absolute ready-made solution to gratify all your fundraising business needs. Let us see how this solution will be the best way out for the today’s entrepreneurs. A one-stop solution: To kick-start a fundraising business Over the period, crowdfunding has taken many different forms like equity, pledge, donation and Continue Reading…

  5. Agriya’s most dynamic iPhone native app of burrow script is at your service

    burrow iphone app

    These days, mobile savvy generations are expecting to get things done within a few touches in their iPhones. Indeed, entrepreneurs and businessmen like you have to gratify the users need to scale the heights in your business with ease. The impact of this positive transformation also had effects in the vacation rental business as well. Along these lines, are you trying hard to meet the needs of your users to run a vacation rental business successfully? Then, we put off all your efforts by helping to turn your vacation rental business into a highly-adaptable mobile web application. Agriya is pleased to introduce the most looked-for native iPhone application of our airbnb clone script-Burrow. This application creates the mobile version of Continue Reading…

  6. Awesome Node.js development tools for 2015

    node.js development tools

    With the arrival of Node.js, creating a website in JavaScript is very easy and cost-effective. This framework brings a massive changeover in the web application development with the advanced push innovation instead of using old web sockets. With these beneficial aspects, Node.js is gaining popularity among web developers who aspire to develop their next website in this framework. There are many prominence tools in Node.js which helps in designing and establishing a successful website and mobile application with ease. Here are 7 useful and amazing Node.js development tools which ease the burden of a Node.js developer. Express Creating the web or mobile application in Node.js is not an anymore difficult task with the help of Express framework. It is a highly Continue Reading…

  7. Elite tools to upgrade PHP web development in 2015


    PHP and HTML are two inescapable acronyms in today’s website development technology. The growth of PHP from an individual “Home Page” to a “Hypertext Preprocessor” hints a fascinating story. PHP web development witnessed fast advancement for its exceptional traits such as open source texture, server-based scripting, adaptability to complex graphical applications, and support for all popular operating systems and frameworks. It emerged to a massive platform by virtue of extensive community support and by combining more projects namely Npm, as well. Custom PHP development demands a core set of development tools. Being an extensively accomplished platform, PHP caters developers with a good deal of tools. Here readers can find a list of some exceptional tools that serve programmers a lot Continue Reading…

  8. An advanced buying and selling script-BuySell for your superior online marketplace


    Over the years, buying and selling trend have been aggressively changing as the technology advances. These days, most of the people start to approach online for buying and selling purposes. This kind of advancement resulted in the arrival of most potential e-commerce businesses in the global world. This business model came into existence with the wide range of public acceptance, increasing use of internet and flourishing of the new economy. Entrepreneurs can easily grow famous in this industry by establishing their own online marketplace website. Here comes a big matter of issue that how to get succeed in this booming e-commerce business. Agriya, a dynamic and leading web development company, always lend its hand in helping the entrepreneurs with their Continue Reading…

  9. Difference between Custom and Platform Mobile Apps Development

    Custom and Platform Mobile Apps Development

    Mobile phone technologies have grown to a level which no business organizations could exclude it in totality. Many companies go for vigorous campaigning with the help of mobile phone applications to improve the sales and services they offer to the customers. A mobile application can add the reliability, and efficiency of a company. Still, when it comes to custom mobile apps development, an uncertainty between the choices of platform may strike the developers. To make a right selection between custom mobile apps or platform designed mobile apps, the designer must be aware of the vital aspects of both these approaches. The article is an attempt to analyze both platforms keeping in a business point of view. Decisive facets of custom Continue Reading…

  10. Getlancer- A trend setting ready-made script for your freelancing site


    The new job market has sprung up in the online world for gratifying the needs of the people who aspire to work independently. This new kind of employment norm is nothing but the great ever growing freelancing economy. It made a great changeover in the traditional working methods by turning it to the new and unique working practices. Presently, this flourishing economy is growing beyond the expectation. It is also estimated to reach high demand with the rising independent working community. Agriya visualizes the increasing needs in freelancing community and has come up with a dynamic Getlancer script. This freelancer clone helps the budding entrepreneurs to make a headway in the freelancing industry. A website created in this superior way assists Continue Reading…