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  1. Agriya’s Christmas gift to web surfers

    It’s Christmas season, and we’re all sharing joy and happiness by exchanging Christmas presents. We at Agriya are also ready for the season, and would like to share our joy with you, by offering a price reduction for our most remarkable products: FLV players and HD player.

    If you have plans of adding videos to your personal sites, commercial sites, non-commercial sitenulls, entertainment sites, or business sites, this is the right time. Using videos on your website is a noteworthy way to increase site traffic, increase page view times and make extra money from your site.

    In the current financial crisis, it has become very hard for webmasters to implement any new technique to enhance their sites. No one is ready to take risks by investing large amounts of money in any enhancement processes. In such critical situations, one should make use of this golden offer to own the perfect player for their site, at low costs and foster their site through videos.

    Business people can foster their business by showcasing their products and services in an audio visual environment. Other people running commercial and non-commercial sites can increase traffic to their site by providing related and attractive videos on their site.

    Agriya offers a list of players including Mini FLV Player, Premium FLV Player, FLV Player Elite and HD FLV Player with different features.

    Please refer to the table depicting the comparison between the actual price and the offer price.

    Please refer to the table depicting the comparison between the actual price and the offer price.

    Player Actual Price ($) Offer Price ($)
    Mini FLV Player 79 37
    Premium FLV Player 78.75 47
    FLV Player Elite 131.2 67
    HD FLV Player 147 97

    Analyze the cost factor and features of players in their respective pages, and choose a player that best suits your need!

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