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  1. Agriya’s Bumber $2,000 Christmas Giveaway!

    prize-drawWell listen in here guys because you’re going to like this. I’ve somehow managed to convince the management in to agreeing to giveaway $2,000 worth of our software and services, to 5 lucky people!

    So how does this competition work? It’s very simple, I’ve tweeted this message on our Agriya account, you simply need to follow our account and retweet the message. By retweeting it, you will be entered in to the competition – very simple!

    The competition winners will be announced at the end of the month, we’ll have a prize draw out of the hat and put the video up online. One of our staff members will check all the followers, and if they’ve retweeted the competition message, they’ll be entered – very simple! The winners will be invited to choose any one of our software products and we will install the software and design a logo as part of the competition.

    These are the exciting prizes that are up for grabs:

    Rayzz Kootali Anova MarkIt iSocial Rayzz VS Volume Discuzz
    55 58 61 83 85 108 111 112
    From $297 From $217 From $167 From $87 From $167 From $147 From $147 From $147

    Now of course, like any competition, there has to be a few ground rules. We can’t have people creating dozens of brand new accounts and then retweeting the message, so you must have at least 5 followers to be considered as entering in to the competition and your first tweet is more than 30 days old.

    Competition winners will be notified via this blog and on Twitter. It will be down to you to get in touch with us by sending us a direct message on Twitter. We will then install the software on to your hosting account, but it’s down to the competition winner to provide suitable hosting that supports our software – check out recommended hosting partners to see our suggestions.

    Hmm, I think that’s everything, go ahead and start following us on Twitter and retweet this message! If you have any questions about the competition, post them here or send us a message to @agriyanews

    Here’s the link to the message to retweet:

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