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  1. Agriya Launches New Marketplace

    Ever since we launched our first product 4 years ago it has been the dream of Agriya to launch an online marketplace for people to buy and sell templates and modules for our products. We wanted to create a place where designers could benefit from our development expertise by making extra cash designing templates and our customers could have an even greater range of customization options than Agriya could provide by itself.

    The dream has finally been realized with the launch of Ocarda, a fully functional digital marketplace for people to come and buy and sell templates and modules for all of Agriya’s products. The site already has over 50 items for you to choose from and we are very interested to hear from designers who are interested in selling their designs on Ocarda.

    Ocarda is a new digital marketplace

    Ocarda is a new digital marketplace

    All the templates are neatly categorized by the product they belong to and you can browse through the list of designs or search for a specific design you are looking for.

    If you are an existing Agriya customer then you’ll find that we’ve already imported your customer account details and you can login right now and start buying templates and modules for your products. If you are not ready to buy just yet, just add the designs you like to a collection box and come back later when you are ready to make a purchase.

    Designers can sell their templates on

    Designers can sell their templates on

    The software that powers Ocarda has been built to be a marketplace platform and we’re already planning to roll it out on to several other sites. We are also keen to work with other businesses to help develop marketplace websites using our ready made platform.

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