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  1. Classmates iSocial Template

    Classmastes iSocial Template - Just $227

    We’ve created a brand new template for iSocial called Classmates, which as you might suspect has an education and academics theme to it. This template will work with both versions of iSocial. The template costs $227 and is a ‘Made to Order’ so it may take up to 10 business days to integrate. Click here to find out more and buy Classmates template.

  1. Nightclub iSocial Theme

    Nightclub Template for iSocial - Just $227

    We have created a brand new Nightclub themed template for iSocial which is perfect for any social network centred around night lifes, bars, and going out. This is a ‘Made to Order’ template so it may take up to 10 business days to integrate in to your site. It costs $227 and can be ordered right now. More information about this iSocial nightclub template.

  1. Social Networking Software

    iSocial lets you create your own social networking software

    Building a social network website has become very easy nowadays with the availability of high quality social network software like iSocial. With just a domain, hosting and iSocial anyone can create a social network around the topic of their choice, whether it’s for celebrity gossip, school alumni or a local community group, online social networks can benefit a whole range of people. Nor do you have to make concessions on the type of features because when you choose software like iSocial it comes with all the same features as you are likely to find in Facebook, Orkut and Hi5. With groups, online chat, profile pages, photo albums, videos and more you get everything the ‘big boys’ get for a fraction Continue Reading…

  1. New iSocial Templates

    Eden iSocial Template - $227

    We’ve just released two brand new themes for our popular iSocial software. These themes are compatible with both iSocial Lite and iSocial Pro. They are perfect social networking templates for your website. If you are looking to run a social network site then iSocial is the most dependable, stable and secure social networking software you can buy on the market. With loads of plugins, great new templates like the ones below, you can be up and running within 24 hours of your order. The Black Pearl template is customized and integrated for each client and can take up to 10 working days. The cost is $227 an you can buy it here. The Eden template is customized and integrated for Continue Reading…

  1. Awesome Handmade iSocial Video – Really!

    So, many months ago one of our Business Development Executive’s came up with an idea of creating a ‘handmade’ instructional video for iSocial that would teach individuals and companies how they could use the software to build communities and social networks. The concept was simple, it would be ultra low tech with hand drawn graphics rather than some snazzy flash animation. Sounds simple, right? I mean, how hard can it be? Do some drawings, record it and then add a voice over in post production, job done, takes maybe two weeks. Well, as with so many seemingly simple ideas, this project took on a life of its own, two months after it was first conceived, filming finally started. The first Continue Reading…

  1. The Importance of Quality services

    “Right specifications, right time, right price”, “First time is the right time”, “Customer satisfaction”. These are several catch phrases that go with every business in any industry. Just as it is important that a company’s financial policies, marketing strategies, and not to mention its products are well designed and established, it is also imperative for the company to lay down clear quality assurance steps and follow them. As we have all observed, a lot of the industries are still reeling under the disastrous blow of recession which has hit a large sector of the industries worldwide. It is at this stage that the decisions a company makes, establishes it as a large successful multinational company or an organization that is Continue Reading…

  1. iSocial to empower webmasters to compete in the networking world


    Social networking is the fastest growing activity on Web 2.0 – the basic idea behind it is socializing. Everyone has started socializing with each other for nurturing friendship and business. iSocial is a powerful social networking script that helps webmasters build an effecient, user-friendly social networking site. One can make money on social networking sites through monthly subscriptions and at large, they can make money by placing advertisements. To make money, start an elegant website with a concept that could attract more visitors. A website could make money, only when the website attracts the attention of people towards itself. iSocial facilitates webmasters to build a RIA-based website which offers a responsive and seamless interface to users. With RIA, users can Continue Reading…

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