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  1. Looking To The Future – What’s In Store For 2012?

    When you are the market leader like Agriya is for clone scripts, daily deal software, vacation rentals software and more, we always have to be a little bit candid and cautious when talking about our future plans because we know that many companies look to us to decide what to do next. Agriya prides itself on foreseeing future trends before they happen and is just one of the reasons why we have been first to market with our Groupon clone, Airbnb clone, Fiverr clone and Yipit clone to name but a few. On the other hand, there will always be competitors following in our wake and we want to keep our customers informed and excited as we are about our Continue Reading…

  1. Making Money From Your Clone Script


    The reason everyone is buying clone scripts is because people want to make money on the Internet. When you read about these high tech companies getting $10m or more in venture capital funding it’s enough to make most of us virtually salivate at the thought of having that kind of cash to build a business. The reality of the situation though is that like any business, you need to put hard work and time in to making it a success. If we look at some of the most successful sites that have used Agriya’s software like GigBucks, Zerrk, CrazyBees, PartySurfers, Spurr and more they’ve invested time, money and effort in to building their business. Be Realistic The first tip that Continue Reading…

  1. Image Sharing Product Screenshots

    The member profile the public can see

    Very soon we will be releasing our next product, either called Pixel or Photoz, depending on whether the marketing team wins or the developers get the final say. Check out the screenshots below so you can see what to expect when it is released.

  1. Rethinking the Forum – Is Discuzz on to Something?


    Anytime you have a question that pops into your head in the middle of the night about how good that Ewan McGregor performance in Trainspotting really was, or what people really think a Core2 Quad adds to a Guitar Hero performance over a Core2 Duo, who you gonna call? A feature-packed YouTube clone? You’ll probably want the simplicity, the businesslike directness, of a well-moderated forum on or, or a Yahoo Answers clone. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how someone seven years ago had the very same question you have now, that was answered by eighteen people. Not all the technology-enabled bells and whistles can take away the value of the simple written question and answer. But as you Continue Reading…

  1. Milestones of Agriya in 2008

    It’s time to celebrate the New Year with great fervor. It brings along a fresh stock of new days that inspire us to walk new paths, to explore life afresh and things to add to our lives what we probably missed out in the previous year. Before stepping into the New Year we would like to look back on our journey through 2008. So here’s a review of our company, in the year of 2008. 2008 is one of the most precious years that we have had since we began in 2000. Ever heard the saying, “Individually, we are one drop. Together we create an ocean.” Because of our excellent staff and their dedicated team work, we delivered impressive results Continue Reading…

  1. Enhance your online sales via SEO

    In this modern era, a huge number of website visitors come via search engines, looking to buy products and services or for information. So getting a website to the top position in the search engine result pages is essential these days to enhance online sales. Well, how can you achieve the top position in the SERPS? Implementing proper search engine optimization is the only long term way to get a good position for a long time in top search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN and so on. Search engine optimization is also known as organic SEO. It is a set of methodologies used to optimize your pages for keywords that funnel targeted-traffic to your website resulting in increase of Continue Reading…

  1. Help Agriya Choose A Name For It’s New Product!

    Listen up, folks! We have a big problem. Agriya has a new product launching soon and it’s causing something of a kerfuffle in the Agriya offices. Feathers have been ruffled, knickers have got in a twist and people have been unfriended on Facebook. Yes, it’s really that bad. There’s even talk of handbags at dawn. The problem comes down to what are we going to call the next awesome Agriya product? A little background… Our next new product is going to be a social bookmarking script, which will allow your users to bookmark all their favourite sites and discover new sites. It’s like one big search engine, except the users decide which sites are important, not a great big (evil?) Continue Reading…

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