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  1. Looking Back On 2011


    2011 proved to be one of the most successful years in the history of Agriya. We know many companies make claims about having the best year ever but in our case we really mean it and have the success stories to back it up! We have added thousands of new customers over the last 12 months so we thought we’d start 2012 by taking a look back at where we’ve come from. January We kicked off the year with the launch of Nabit, a Yoink clone script where you can run an environmentally aware classified ads website with the unique selling point of everything is free. There are no transactions, it’s all about encouraging people to recycle or take advantage Continue Reading…

  1. Rayzz Reviews


    With Rayzz 3 soon to be released, we are getting a number of enquiries about the demo, more details, feature requests, customization and more. A lot of people are also asking for some example Rayzz sites and Rayzz reviews to see what it is capable of. Although we don’t have any reviews of Rayzz 3, or any Rayzz 3 example sites (since the script isn’t released yet), we do have plenty of reviews for earlier versions of Rayzz – and although we don’t want to blow our own trumpet, we are thrilled to bits that so many people enjoy using our software. Here are just a few independent reviews of Rayzz that have been submitted by our customers: “We bought Continue Reading…

  1. Agriya and Ahsan Reviews

    Over 650 Independent and Positive Reviews About Agriya Have Been Written

    Many potential clients have been asking us for some independent reviews on Agriya Infoway and Ahsan Technologies. We think it is important to point out here that Ahsan Technologies is the parent company and Agriya is now just the trading / brand name so when you see us refer to ‘Agriya’, we are talking about the brand name, but the actual company is called Ahsan Technologies. Anyway, people are asking for some independent Agriya Reviews (or an Ahsan Review) so we thought we’d put them in this central location so you can see for yourself how many happy customers we have: Infact, Agriya have over 650 independent reviews from happy, satisfied customers and that number grows day by day. So Continue Reading…

  1. What A Way To End The Year!


    2009 has been an incredible year for Ahsan Technologies – the parent company of Agriya. Since it took over in April, we have moved to a brand new office, had a company sports day, had a company outing to a big farmhouse near the sea, launched no less than four awesome products in iSocial, Rayzz Video Sharing, Volume and Discuzz, continued our relationship with Fortune 100 companies and acquired some massive global companies as customers because of our Rayzz software. With so many achievements and milestones (like selling thousands of copies of our software) we had good cause to celebrate on the 31st December. The main speaker for the event was me (pictured left, and wow, top of my News Continue Reading…

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