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  1. Looking Back On 2011


    2011 proved to be one of the most successful years in the history of Agriya. We know many companies make claims about having the best year ever but in our case we really mean it and have the success stories to back it up! We have added thousands of new customers over the last 12 months so we thought we’d start 2012 by taking a look back at where we’ve come from. January We kicked off the year with the launch of Nabit, a Yoink clone script where you can run an environmentally aware classified ads website with the unique selling point of everything is free. There are no transactions, it’s all about encouraging people to recycle or take advantage Continue Reading…

  1. 4 Steps To Success With Agriya’s Clone Scripts


    There is an old saying that’s often rolled out whenever something goes wrong or doesn’t happen in the way you want it to. It goes a little something like this: Failure to plan is planning to fail When it comes to building your online business using one of Agriya’s clone scripts like our Etsy clone or Airbnb clone then not having a clear plan of action, or a business plan, is just the same as planning to fail. Can you think of any other business in the world where you can just ‘wing it’ and see how it goes? We can’t! The beauty of the Internet is that it is such a controlled environment compared to a bricks and mortar Continue Reading…

  1. Zeerk Goes Berserk On Flippa

    Zeerk Has Grown To Become The #2 Micro Jobs Site

    At Agriya we love to hear about the success stories from our clients, whether it’s winning a start up of the year award like Cinkue or launching a new group deal site with over 1,400 customers on the first day like MySuperDeal, we want to shout to the world about our clients achievements. This week it came to our attention that the owners of, a micro-jobs portal (like Fiverr) that is powered by Agriya’s Fiverr clone software had a very good week indeed. Launched back in May, the owners put hundreds, if not thousands of hours in to promoting the site and making it the second most popular micro-jobs platform after Fiverr itself. To back up all their hard Continue Reading…

  1. Choose the right partner for your business

    Everyone wants to expand their business rapidly, and most people look for the right person for a partner. They can provide you with all the effective marketing tools you need to succeed in business, as well as proven effective solutions to drive more sales in order to increase the overall profitability of your business. Remember choosing a business partner is not an easy task. If you select the wrong one, you can be sure your business is not going to go the way you want it to. You should find a partner who complements your strengths; this will allow you to deliver amazing results. Here are some benefits that you can gain from a right partnership. • Sharing responsibilities: Two Continue Reading…

  1. Ten tips to build an effective team

    “Team work divides a task and doubles the success” Coming together, sharing together, working together and succeeding together are what team work is all about. The essence of this statement is that success can be achieved as a team, when everybody on the team works towards it. Team work is a new concept that is being adopted by many companies to achieve their target quickly. An organization can consist of different teams like top management team, focused task team, products/ services development team, product launch team, quality improvement team, and so on. However not all teams are successful because of fuzzy vision, lack of leadership skills, discouraging culture, lack of initiatives, poor vertical communication, poor idea and knowledge management, and Continue Reading…

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