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  1. Google Squared


    Launched with a lot of hype in early 2009, Google Squared, Google’s semantic search engine, failed to live up to expectations, often returning rather nonsensical results and unleashing a volley of criticism. The true power of Google Squared, which is still in Beta, lies in its ability to perform a grid search, i.e., in being able to gather and display structured data, turning the random information found on the Internet into computable data. Google Squared is very much a work in progress and Google recently announced updates to its Google Squared service that should hopefully make it more usable. The updates include the facility of exporting the data to Google Spreadsheets, from where it can be sliced and diced to Continue Reading…

  1. A new search tool from Google’s labs


    Google has recently released a new tool known as “Google Squared”. It extracts data that you are looking for and shows results in an online spreadsheet-format. The square structures the unstructured data on the web. If you are curious about which mobile phones are the best, all you have to do is simply type “mobile” in the search box of Google squared and click the “square it’ button. It will return information in a spreadsheet format with names, images, description, weight, memory etc in columns and rows. You can customize squares as per your desire. Remember common attributes for an item can be listed as columns in a square. You can delete the attributes that you don’t care about. If Continue Reading…

  1. Firefox fluxes Wolfram Alpha with the search engine giant Google


    Wolfram Alpha, a computational engine offers a single search result instead of thousands of web pages as offered by Google. If Alpha offers the right answer, then it will be the best way to gather data on the net. If it is not the right answer, then the search may end up in vain and user will have to go for another search engine which most commonly is Google. Even with Google, people might not get desired results on the first page; they have to explore the thousands of search results to get the answer. Both have pros and corns, so Firefox has come up with the brilliant idea of blending Google and Wolfram Alpha, through its new add-on “Wolfram Continue Reading…

  1. What is Wolfram Alpha? Is it a ‘Google Killer’?


    British scientist Stephen Wolfram, inventor of Mathemetica, will unveil his latest creation Wolfram Alpha on May 15, 2009. Alpha is a computational knowledge engine, and it uses built-in models of different domains that represent real-world knowledge, for computing the answers to factual questions. It understands and then computes answers for questions using the built-in domain knowledge models without searching for answers in a big database. It provides textual results along with graphs, charts and other graphical elements necessary for the search query. For instance, if the query is “current American economy”, Alpha will offer numeric details along with comparison graphs. This will help almost everyone understand finance better. Dr. Wolfram gave a demonstration of Alpha at Harvard University’s Berkman Center Continue Reading…

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